Adam Jennings

Founder, Team Captain

Adam is a Level 2 judge based out of St. John's, Newfoundland. He is the founder of the ManaDorks and their Charity Tournaments and is generally considered an overall decent guy, at least when he's not playing Blue.


Mike Pynn


Mike is our graphics guy on top of being a Level 1 Judge. He is our Meta man, making great deck calls for his teammates before going into a big tournament, while generally looking to play Jank himself.


Gerry Harris-Pink

The Notorious GHP

Gerry is the highest ranking player in the team, taking down Pro-Tour Qualifiers and casually winning many local competitive events, all while being an active Eternal streamer, and moonlighting in a boy band.


Andy Maher

The Candy Bar

While Andy has recently taken a step back from Magic, that doesn't stop him from showing up to random events and spiking his way to first. The man has a surprisingly deep voice considering his size.


Ryan Marsh

Marshy Marsh

Ryan is a primarily modern player, and you can likely call him a pyromaniac for his predisposition to play burn regardless of the format.


Paul Sharpe

Always Plus Nahiri Before Chandra

Paul is one of those jerks who loves to play maindeck Blood Moon in Modern. He will never play Nahiri/Emrakul again after poor choices in his first ever tournament (you should definitely ask him to tell you the story some time).


Christian Dubé

The Doob

Christian's a classy man who will go out of his way to play janky decks (looking at you Restore Balance). What he may lack in skill, he make's up for in tilt factor.



The Life Saver

Drew is a literal life saver by trade, which makes it no surprise that his favorite deck in modern is life gain tribal (Soul Sisters). He's the pretty boy of the group.


Stephen Whiffen

The Living Meme

Stephen focuses entirely on eternal formats (cause screw Standard amiright). He speaks and lives only by meme, so you'll never be able to understand him if you were born before 1999.


Jeremy Christensen

You don't get to have fun

Jeremy is another Level 1 judge originally from the West Coast of Canada. While you're only likely to sit across the table from him in Modern, be prepared to have just about everything you can do countered, killed, or exiled until you get chipped down to lethal.


Angel Strong


Angel is a newer Magic player that has been quickly climbing up the ranks in the local scene. She enjoy's furry things and has more ink in her skin than the rest of the Dorks combined.



The Smart One

Carly is another newer player who brings some fresh excitement for all things standard to the team. She is unashamed of her love of Vampire tribal and wishes Wizards would print more #makevampsgreatagain.



The Entertainer

James is an entertainer through and through, making sure people enjoy their games against him, while being an accomplished juggler outside of Magic.


Nick Yetman


Nick is the youngest member on the team, but still regularly puts us old timers in the dirt while playing exclusively Control. Never challenge this man to a fight, as he is a literal champion martial artist.


Members Emeritus


Matt Maracle

The Miracle Maracle

Matt was the affinity player on the island before hanging up his deck and moving on from Magic as a whole.


Stephen Miller

Not the Band

Stephen has been playing Magic longer than some of our team members have been alive. He's taken a step back from competitive Magic to enjoy the game in it's most casual form, Cube.


Chris Lansdell


Chris is a former Level 3 Judge and is one of the largest proponents as to why Newfoundland has a big a Magic scene as it does. We hope that he returns to Magic one day.